Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Kevin Pearson has been in the cleaning and water restorationCreative drying techniques industries since 1992 and has helped numerous companies and individuals in their cleaning and restoration projects during that time.  He is the author of Clean it and Go and has written several trade magazine articles on the intricacies of drying structures.  Kevin has been on the Board of Directors of the Professional Cleaning and Restoration Alliance (PCRA) since 2004 and on the Board of Directors of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) since 2011.  Also since 2011 Kevin has served as the Chairman of the Certified Firms Committee of the IICRC.  

His experience is in drying buildings all over the southern United States includes chemical plants, historical homes, ten story office buildings, film archives, The Toyota Center (Home of the Houston Rockets), numerous university buildings, museums, banks, commercial offices, and residential homes. His experience as a carpet cleaning professional started in 1992 continuing to the present and includes cleaning both residential and commercial carpet as well as owning and operating an oriental rug cleaning facility.

As a carpet cleaning consultant Kevin can help you or your staff in several areas.  First many custodial or cleaning crews know how to clean well except when it comes to carpet cleaning.  Kevin can work with your existing staff and equipment and teach them how to get better results when they do the carpet cleaning.  Properly cleaned carpet should stay cleaner longer, which would reduce your labor and chemical cost almost immediately in many cases.  Whether your weakness is in the equipment, the training or just a lack of proper execution, Kevin can solve the issues that are causing you problems.

As a water restoration consultant Kevin can come in and work with your key project managers and help get large jobs dry faster with less damage to the structure and help you get the invoice past the adjuster the first time.  Learning to dry a building in a time efficient manner with very little demolition is difficult, but learning how to document your progress and bill for your time is even more difficult.  Kevin can work with you or your project managers to ensure that you get the building dry quickly and that the invoicing process goes smoothly.  With years of experience in the water restoration industry Kevin can help you and your crews work smarter and more efficiently in all aspects of a water damage job.

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