Thursday, September 20, 2018

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

(Marble, Travertine, Limestone, etc.)

Natural Stone Floors can be beautiful and last a long time when they are properly maintained.  Even though stone flooring is very durable soil, sand, and dirt can damage natural stone surfaces because they are abrasive.  Here are a few things you can do before calling out a professional stone cleaning company such as Pearson Carpet Care. 

Clean spills up immediately.  Most natural stones are porous, and so you don't want to leave a spill on the stone long at all or it could soak through the stone and leave a stain. 

Do not use any kind of acid cleaner on a natural stone floor.  Things like lemon juice, vinegar, or any acid cleaning product will mar and dull the stone's finish causing it not to have a shine.

Stone floors should be either dust mopped with a microfiber dust mop or vacuumed.  If using a vacuuming you should not use one with any metal or a beater bar as these could scratch the surface of the floor. Use a damp mop only as needed.

Rugs or mats by entrances will help to collect dry soil before it can get tracked onto the floor. Be sure to keep the rugs or mats clean and make sure they have a non-skid backing.

When moving furniture around make sure to lift and never slide or scoot the furniture, it could scratch it.

From time to time the stone floor will need to be professionally cleaned and polished and when it does then the make to have it sealed.  This will help insure it stays beautiful the entire time it is on your floor.


The professional stone care technicians at Pearson Carpet Care can help you keep your stone floors looking their best.  Whether the grout needs cleaning or the stone itself needs polishing, we can help.  After we have cleaned and polished your floors we can also set you up on a maintenance program that you can follow to keep your floors looking their best.



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