Thursday, September 20, 2018


Do You Have an Odor You Need Gone? odor

Odors in your home or office can be caused from many different sources and it is important to eliminate the source of the odor to be able to eliminate the odor.  There are many common reasons odors occur and we can solve many of these for you. Over the years we have solved odor problems for many people and in all kinds of environments.  Sometimes it is a quick process and sometimes it is a long tedious process. 

Eliminate the odor don't mask it!

When trying get rid of an odor a big mistake people make is using a cleaning agent that is heavily scented or some kind of masking agent.  While this may help for a short period of time there is no substittute or shortcut for finding and eliminating the odor.  If all you do is mask the odor then it will come back. 

At Pearson Carpet Care we can help you with all kinds of odor problems.  Here's some we've fixed for others over the years.

  • dead animals in walls, ceilings or under the house
  • bats and bat guano
  • odors after a water leak
  • cigarette / cigar smoke
  • skunk odors                                                                     
  • pet accidents
  • new carpet/flooring odors
  • cooking smells
  • mold / mildew odors
  • and many more

So let us solve your odor problem.

Odor Control

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