Thursday, September 20, 2018


Every rug needs a good rug pad under it.  Rug Pad for all rugsRug pads are useful in preventing slips and falls and extending the life of the rug.  

At Pearson Carpet Care we sell an All-In-One rug pad that will prevent slipping, extend the life of the rug and is cleanable.  Our rug pad is rubber on one side to "grip" a hard surface floor and a felt like material on the other side that will grab the backside of the rug. This pad will prevent slipping, last for years, is cleanable, and will help extend the life of your fine rug.

Once you buy our rug pad then the next time you have your rug cleaned you should send in your rug pad for cleaning as well.  You should never have a clean rug and a dirty rug pad. So the most economical way to have a clean rug pad is to clean your rug pad rather than buying new each time you have your rug cleaned. The rug pad we sell will stand up to years of use and with regular maintenance it should last for decades.  The cheaper less expensive rugs pads are not made to be cleaned and could cause damage to a hard surface floor if left in place to long.  Our All-In-One rug pad eliminates all those issues and will perform the way you need for many years.


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