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Pearson Carpet Care drying the Toyota Center with some Serv-Pro companies
Pearson Carpet Care
Drying the Toyota Center
Drying a wood floor in a sunken living room
Drying a solid wood floor
wood floor drying
Drying a solid wood floor
Injectidry drying a glue down solid wood floor
Drying glued down wood floor
200 HT and axials
Drying a residential home
Drying a column in a house
Drying a column in a house
Drying sheetrock in a home
Drying a wall in a home


Wood Floor Drying




With experience dating back to 1992 of drying water damaged homes and businesses we can help you get back to dry fast.  We are not just a carpet cleaner and oriental rug cleaner.  We use the latest drying equipment and techniques on the market today.   Our goal is to return your property to pre-loss condition in the very shortest time possible, and to do this with the least possible disruption to your home or office. We do this with technicians that are highly trained both in the field and in the classroom.  Our technicians or not only IICRC certified but they also go through other advanced water restoration courses.

Over the years we have dried commercial office complexes, ten-story office buildings, residential homes, universities, film archives, museums, historical homes, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, gymnasiums, attics, crawl spaces, wood floors, and even The Toyota Center (where the Houston Rockets play), and much more.

We know that having a water damage claim in your home or business can be a very stressful time and we will work with you to help eleviate this for you. Let us prove to you how our brand of drying far surpasses the competition by thoroughly drying the structure while causing minimal or no damage to the structure and contents. Our goal is to get you back to dry with the least amount of damage to the structure as possible.  This way you can get back to your life as soon as possible.  

Our experienced technicians will come out and assess the job and can give you an approximate time frame for completion of the drying.  We can also work with any insurance company that you may have and we are preferred vendors for many of the larger insurance companies.  

We use the latest technology drying equipment in the industry and have for years.  When newer technologies come out we love to put them to use.  This helps us dry faster than the competition and to save more items within the structure that might otherwise have to be replaced.  This in turn helps you get back to a normal life faster and also helps save insurance companies money compared to companies that use inefficient, decades old technology. 

So call Pearson Carpet Care the industry leaders in water restoration for over 2 decades.

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 If you come home and water is running down your driveway, call 

Pearson Carpet Care 281-548-7200.  The water extraction and drying

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