Friday, September 21, 2018

                                                        The Original Oriental Rug Cleaning Webcam
Houston's Best Oriental / Area Rug Cleaner lets you see how rugs are cleaned, LIVE. We were the first in the industry to let you see rugs being cleaned LIVE on our Rugcam. At Pearson Carpet Care we use all methods to care for your rugs, from completely dry chemical free cleaning, to full hand washing. Your rugs are safe with us. 

Live Rug Cleaning Webcam
If the LIVE feed is not on, then the video (right side of screen) that is playing is of a rug that was just cleaned by another carpet cleaning company using top-down carpet cleaning equipment only. At Pearson Carpet Care we always start with a full "Badgering" to remove dry soil then pre-test your rug for colorfastness and match your rug to one of our completely safe and effective rug cleaning systems,since a full wash may not be the most effective way to clean your rugs.  Rug cleaning is our specialty, whether it is hand-made or a machine made synthetic rug we can clean it.

When you are watching the live webcam feed, please know that we are not cleaning rugs all the time so sometimes you may see us doing other things or the feed may not be on.  We do try and have it on when we are actually cleaning rugs though and you never know what you will see.

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